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Aquaponics is Organic which produces it’s own nutrients from the fish waste where as Hydroponics you have to use chemicals to achieve the nutrients for the plants.Unlike Hyroponics, the Aquaponics work on the concept of Fish and Garden grow beds. The Fish Tank is connected to the grow beds and the water from the Fish tank and their waste flow through the Garden beds.The Fish waste is the nutrient that fertilisers the plants in the grow beds which also assist with the filtration of the water so clean water returnS to fish tank (recirculated system).

Benefits of Aquaponics :

  1. Aquaponic is a healthy way to grow veges and constantly builds it’s own fertilizer/nutrients. (Don’t need to buy Fertilisers)
  2. Faster yielding Plants and growth.
  3. Water is recycled and not wasted. Not relying on rain water to water your garden (water saving)
  4. Nutrients stay in the systems and not washed away by rain like soil gardens.
  5. Makes any family self sustainable
  6. Can be used on a commercial scale and just for the family.
  7. All your dietary needs grown in your back yard and no need to travel to shops.
  8. Greater stock density of plants and less land required
  9. Insect and pest free.
  10. Healthy way to eat food, Totally organic and not effected by fertilizers.
  11. Low cost to run.
  12. Educational for the new generation, eco friendly and employment opportunities.


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